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A Call to Life

The middle class of America is dwindling, and the same is happening across the west. The American Dream is an obvious lie — propaganda with no evidence backing it. The impoverished who have privilege believe themselves to be temporarily embarrassed millionaires, and are placated with cheap food and entertainment. Those without the privileges are ignored and systematically trampled on.

In short, the government — the US government, the UK government, even the Swedish government to many degrees — has fucked up.

We do want a government, but not the current one.

We want a government to lead civilization into the next stage. A post-capitalist, post-employment world, where rather than being ridiculed for enjoying recreational time, we are instead welcomed. We need a citizen income, to start.

We want a government that understands the world today. It is not about borders, it is not about restrictions or limits; it's about enriching the world. The world is independent of geography.

One solution is to wait. Many governments around the world are discussing citizen income, which is an essential part to freeing ourselves from the tyranny of work. It's only a matter of time; this autonomy that we desire is inevitable.

The other solution is to make our own society. A government within a government. We have the privileges needed within the existing government to build the society we need to move forward. Just as the current governments were based on radical ideas and revolutions, so is ours.

This new government provides us with benefits. Its goal, regardless of any money or whether money exists, is to ensure health care, education, and autonomy.

This is a peaceful government within a government. We will continue to make use of the existing infrastructure as provided by the USA, Sweden, etc., but built atop it until it can slowly replace it.

Citizen Income

It's been tried many times. One loud example is MINCOME, with positive results. In all examples, some people worked jobs, others didn't. Of note, the injured, the new parents, and the uneducated did not work; instead they had time and ability to focus on their needs.

Our collective will have a high tax. This is how we thrive. We pay 55% tax to the society, and in exchange the society pays everyone in it enough to live in the modern world. This covers basic food, housing, healthcare, Internet access, retirement, and so on.

We can afford to pay 55% tax, for two reasons. The first is that the founders of this society are middle class.

The second and most important reason is that by paying in, we then do not need to worry about living. Our homes, food, and other basic needs are paid.

This second point is true regardless of what we earn, if we earn. Everyone involved is at least at the same level: able to live and think freely and with autonomy. In this way, everyone is able to join, regardless of their income.

This is our goal.


We are not a warring tribe. People are free to join — the only requirement is a desire to pay 55% tax into such a society — and free to leave. We provide more than an alternative to Democrat and Republican; we are orthogonal.


Do we get membership cards?
We at least get tax identifiers.
Is this after the apocalypse, or in any way post-apocalyptic?
Is this an income tax, a property tax, an asset tax, ...?
This is still under discussion, but it is leaning toward a combination of the three mentioned.


  • Drafting bylaws that can withstand power struggles and corruption.
  • Reducing stigma around the post-employment society.
  • Inclusion of all who are interested.
  • Not just being a rich white guy society.
  • Crime and other undesirable behavior.


The simplest thing that can work: a shared bank account. Each member gets a debit card and checkbook linked to it, with a $2000/month limit each. Each member pays 30% of their paycheck into this bank account. Futz with those numbers until we get it right.

Next Steps

  1. Form a holding organization within an existing government.
  2. Open a savings account for that organization.
  3. Build the infrastructure to pay the bank account.
  4. Calculate the citizen income each person receives.
  5. Automate the distribution of this income.
  6. Subsume more grand parts of a government, as desired, in a collaborative and free process.


  • To start, compute citizen income using the living wage calculator, based on location and family situation.
  • As the society gains money, the citizen income does not substantially increase. This is to save for recessions, health outbreaks, and future work.
  • The fundamental idea, not to be destroyed: regardless of whether money exists, we should now be at a point in civilization where we are working toward the option of a life of leisure, for every human being.