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These concepts would make great improvements on the game of American Football (Gridiron).

Teams by Weight, Amateurs

Each team must have equal number of pounds, not equal number of people.
Each team must have half professional and half amateur.
Women are definitely allowed.
amateurs are drafted by jury selection. think jury duty notices.

Charge Meters

Each team should have a charge meter. Once fully charged, the coach can send out the giant Katy Perry tiger on the opposing team.
The meter is charged by time an amateur player has the ball during play. the longer an amateur has the ball the more the meter charges.

Double Agents

each team has one player that is actually playing for the other team
see, the amateurs are new every game

Double-back Double Points

also add a rule if you run the ball and score a touchdown you can run back to the other goal and score another one if you dont get hit

Multiball, 3pt Conversion

New point type is a 3pt conversion, which is just like a 2pt conversion but you start from midfield. Successfull conversion triggers multiball. 30 seconds to get as many into your endzone as possible.
during multiball only amateurs can score. pros on both teams switch to defense.

Victory by Champion

14:43:39 Richard at anypoint a team can demand victory by champion
14:43:51 tduds what
14:43:51 Richard and each team picks a player to square off
14:44:04 Richard the team that loses plays on missing that person
14:44:25 tduds winning team can call a redraft whenever they want
14:44:28 tduds liek parliament
14:44:36 tduds it's a risk but it could have big rewards
14:44:44 Richard OH

Points for Cheating

at the end of the game each team reveals how they cheated. for every method they used undetected they get a point. this is only tabulated in a tie game. since if you cheat and still lose then you suck at cheating clearly.

Eliminate Overtime

no more over time. If the game ends in a tie and in the event that neither team cheats, then this is an "Honorable End".
and its champtions fighting

Reversable Jerseys

regulation jerseys will be reversable and also be in the opposing teams colors.