Royal Bacon Court

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Fred learns about the Royal Bacon Court

  • [15:09] Fred wtf why is it getting cloudy
  • [15:09] Robert TION
  • [15:09] jared Friction would not help you beat batman.
  • [15:09] Robert Fred: when a water molecule and a thermal unit love each other very much...
  • [15:09] Robert Fred: how are clowd formed?
  • [15:10] jared Fred: it gets cloudy as a direct result of Lady Bacon and her Royal Bacon Court.
  • [15:10] Fred Oh right.
  • [15:10] ~~~ Fred shakes fist at sky
  • [15:11] lauren the flaming lips are releasing an album with miley cyrus.
  • [15:11] lauren jared: is the royal baby's name bacon?
  • [15:11] jared lauren: She has no heir.
  • [15:11] lauren nope charlotte
  • [15:11] lauren i love that name
  • [15:11] Fred Baby O Reily?
  • [15:11] jared And by that I mean there is a Princess of Bacon.
  • [15:11] Fred High atop Bacon hill.
  • [15:12] lauren i wish i were a princess
  • [15:12] Fred Mt Bacon, if you will.
  • [15:12] missah lauren: why?
  • [15:12] Fred There is a Bacon St.
  • [15:12] lauren so people want me as a fashion icon, so i can attend fancy parties, so people care strongly about my child, so i'm british, etc
  • [15:12] juju VIOLATION!
  • [15:12] jared Princess of Bacon is a dark sorceress. She spends her time locked away in the tower of the Royal Bacon court depriving California of rainfall.
  • [15:12] Fred Out here in the fields.
  • [15:12] Robert lauren: like Good Charlotte?
  • [15:13] lauren no like laura ingalls wilder's toy doll
  • [15:13] lauren anyway being in the royal family is the only way you get to be in charge without having to convince anyone you deserve it
  • [15:13] jared She cooks her suiters alive until crispy and serves strips of their flesh.

We eat bacon

To honour the Royal Bacon Court, on Saturdays Sundays, we eat bacon. Winter storms are a sign of the Court's disdain for our lack of brunch.