Presidential Nicknames

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<lauren> has there ever been a single president a all?

<Robert> Many countries have had many presidents over the years.

<lauren> i should have specified, president of the united states

<Robert> there have been 43 presidents of the united states

<Robert> Each one was single and unique in their own way.

<tduds> President Snowflake

<Robert> That was Harrison


Benjamin "Snowflake" Harrison

Grover "Sloppy Seconds" Cleveland

Howard "Bojangles" Taft

James "The other James" Polk

James "His Jamesellency" Buchanan

Martin "Young Hickory" Van Buren

Franklin "Who?" Pierce

Andrew "Motherfuckin'" Johnson

Theodore "Teddy Roosevelt" Roosevelt

John "Literally" Kennedy

Lyndon "Doc" Johnson

Richard "Milhous" Nixon

Gerald "Chevy" Ford

Ronald "Shooter" Reagan

George "Jellybean" Bush

Barack "Snuggles" Obama

George "Booker T" Washington

James "Mad Dog" Madison

Rutherford "Corgi" Hayes

James "Garfield Minus" Garfield

Thomas "Tommy Fresh" Jefferson

John "Jefferdad" Adams

John "The destination of this train is" Quincy Adams

Harry "S" Truman

Dwight "My Way or the Interstate Highway" Eisenhower

Herbert "FOOD WALL" Hoover

Calvin "Schmalvin" Coolidge

William "Denali" McKinley

Warren "Cookie Party" Harding

Woodrow "FOOD ROW" Wilson

Franklin D "Hot Wheels" Roosevelt

Runner's Up

Tipper "I Hardly Know 'er!" Gore