Portland 2015 Trip

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We can't plan anything right.

Portland Trip Official Rankings (In order of ticket purchase)

1. Dickie
2. Jared
3. Lauren
4. Fred
5. Missah

What to bring

  • Fancy clothes (Suit or dress)
  • Swimsuit
  • Toiletries (Deodorant, tooth paste/brush, shampoop, etc)
  • A phone charger (especially if you're Fred, nobody else has that kind of cable anymore)
  • Biking stuff


1. Drink?
2. Hot springs
3. Wear fancy outfits
4. Snitch on someone
5. Kiss a girl
6. Get detention together and learn that we've been brainwashed and are not so different
7. Get Rickety-Wrecked, son!
8. Not Beaverton

Dickie kicks off the Portland Trip

Dickie tries desperately to choose a date that works for tduds and everyone else planning to go out to Portland. Everyone ignores him, but he is desperate to visit his old friend, so he repeatedly announces to his friends that he is buying tickets. Then everyone finds out and bitches, despite his bold actions saving the trip which was in danger of atrophying and dying.

Dickie ruins the Portland trip

Dickie, without telling anyone else or mentioning his intentions, or even that there was a trip in the first place, buys tickets to visit tduds in Portland. Someone slips up and mentions it in IRC and everyone flips their shit because he was trying to keep the trip a secret and plan it at a time which no one else could go. Jared gets mad and buys a ticket just to spite Dickie. Lauren goes directly because of Jared; his debonaire looks, his manly scent, and his creative (if sometimes twisted) mind. Fred finds out Lauren is going and buys a ticket so he can waste the entire trip trying to penetrate her. Missah is also going for some reason, but we're all miserable and no one has been able to figure out why she'd want to spend time with us.

Jared ruins his Portland trip

After discovering that Fred is going and Fred says one innocent things that Jared decides he hates, Jared cancels his Portland trip. Jared then quietly uncancels his trip and doesn't tell anyone.

Lauren ruins the Portland trip

Lauren finds out about the date for the trip and is pissed off at Dickie for strategically scheduling it when she cannot go. After some soul searching, she decides to forsake all of her adult responsibilities and go anyway but then realizes she has no money and cannot afford the plane tickets. Desperate to go anyway, she concocts a scheme to use a combination of frequent flier miles and road head to get to Portland.

Fred ruins the Portland trip

Fred finds out best friends for life Dickie, Lauren, and Jared are going to Portland to visit their best friend for life tduds. Fred decides to go and buys a ticket on the off-chance he can take advantage of a drunk Lauren or Missah one night, and insists they spend the rest of their nights at a strip club so he can pick up more chicks and say things like "cock" and "slampig". Dickie, Lauren, and Jared tell him he is not invited, but he buys tickets anyway (for the wrong days). He then decides to completely ignore the extremely detailed packing list they spent hours carefully crafting to ensure a fun filled vacation for everyone.

Jared's Special PDX Friendship Vacation Challenge

Jared has to stay in the hot springs longer than anyone else and tell a funny joke about a baboon while in said hot spring. Failing to do so incurs a punishment to be determined.