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There once was a man from San Francisco State University.\ He had a masters in the poetry.\ He had a beautiful mind,\ But a job was hard to find,\ So he's protesting for sociality
original poem by mhoydis
i had to make up a word sociality


There once was a Howland named Fred,/ He rarely takes a girl to bed./ Emails with Maureen,\ Third dates never seen,/ He won't even date a redhead.

Fred has a profile on okcupid,/ his friends have the password to make it less stupid./ With the best photos uploaded/ and the better anecdotes said,/ we're all hoping Fred nails a hot coed.


Fred: I have a career in technology,\ and make decisions methodically.\ But somethimes I feel when i ought\ to express my opinions and thoughts\ I can really bust out some great poetry.

There once was a DJ named Chua,/ he made you dance til you were black and blue-uh./ But he got drunk while he was spinning,/ the management wasn't grinning,/ and now he's not on the February schedule-uh.

The Poet Laureate Himself

< Richard > there once was a man named mhoydis

< Richard > who wanted but never got coitus

< Richard > his rhyming would slack

< Richard > as his noggin got cracked

< Richard > sometimes i wish he'd devoid us


White space in places / that make us wish we were dead / The good news: triplets


The prequal pulls have some thrills!/ he was spinning,/ the management wasn't grinning,/ and now their agent is like my dates.