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This is a place for us to collect rumors, lies, camping trips, buy dead animals and change destroy friends lives together.

We go glamping in 2022.

We follow instructional guides on How to get pizza delivered outside of your pizza zone


Fred filled out a personality quiz

Richard quit his job to become an Interior Designer

We have Alignments.

The WTPA Cookbook: You're Doing It Wrong.

2015 WTPA Santa is a thing that didn't happen.

We are creating a new Society

We gave the presidents Nicknames

We write Love Stories.

We rue the machinations of the Royal Bacon Court.

We went to Portland in 2015.

We went to Portland in 2018.

We have suggestions for the NFL

We mine Bitcoins

We used to play trivia a lot.

We celebrate Bondle Crismas

WTPA Episode Guide

We watch movies

We play board games.


JR tells us about Music

We Find Love in a Hopeless Place

We are poets and we didn't even know its.

Robert is from many places

What does Lauren eat?

We have established a popular movie franchise.

Many of us are pretty privileged.

Many of us are eskimo siblings.

We're going winter camping in 2012.

We've gone cabining in the past.

We long for new features for WTPA-Bot.

Fred is a bigot and has lockjaw.

We often go deeper.

We create Fred life plans.

We create Units of Measurement sometimes

Mr. Burns Goes to Worcester

We enjoy Sunday brunch.

We like drama.

We play trivia a lot.

We complain about the MBTA corruption.

We play board games.

Jared likes to write fanfic. He also references Movies That Don't Exist.

Jared also writes fan fiction about Fred.

Fred likes to write fanfic.

We went on a ski trip in 2010.

When we go camping we like to bring camping supplies.

We have gone camping before.

We went hiking.

Richard has an idea for a date.

Sometimes Matt goes to bitchville.


WTPA's Home Owner Club.

IRC Infrastructure

Ted's open letter to LA

Ancient History

The Herold/Dudley Locked-Down Scale