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The Boat That Would Not Fly (Death Boat in the US)

A film by Italian filmmaker Cardial Alosque, The Boat That Would Not Fly is a tale about a gallows used to kill an infamous serial killer, but is shortly thereafter disassembled and the wood planks used to build the rest of a ship. The boat begins to kill people, both by seeming to have its onboard equipment move by itself, and by sailing on its own and ramming into other boats and running over swimmers. A priest of the coastal fishing town defies the church by learning how to sail so he can stop the possessed boat. The Italian title of the movie comes from a quote from the priest who in one part explains "Cruising across the water is a joyous and wonderful thing. It feels like flying across the blue sea of the ocean. but this boat... This boat will not fly. Its wings have been taken by the devil." When the movie was released in the US, Saturn Jupiter (the US distributor) did not think domestic audiences would get the title, and so renamed it for the domestic release as Death Boat.

The Town That Bled The Devil Dry

The town that bled the devil dry is a horror movie set in the expansion-era west, where a town discovers the devil and hunts him down. After capturing the devil, he tries to warn them that he is not their enemy, that the Bible is really propaganda, and that he uses his powers to keep God at bay, lest he imposes a dystopian rule on all of earth. They decide to hang him anyway, and when he dies, the sky rains blood and horrific looking creatures which call themselves angels descend to enslave the earth. The movie is actually by a Cuban director who fled Castro's Cuba, and the film has heavy political overtones.