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Richerica Interior Designs

Creating modern lifestyles since 2009

Boston's Best Interior Designers

The capital city of Massachusetts is known for its Old World architecture, cobblestone streets and New England charm. Our Boston projects respect the city’s history while adding a modern twist with updated design ideas and fresh understandings of what our clientele needs. Whether it’s your townhouse in Beacon Hill, first post-college apartment or your office that needs some help, our designers have you covered (and won’t make you throw out your Red Sox flag). Your SOWA flea market and Lekker Home finds deserve to be properly displayed not hidden away until you can figure out what to do with them..


   “I can't believe how they transformed my basement space into a hip poetry club! Now people come from all over here to listen to my works”
   “I was sick of my house and tempted to give up and move across the country. Richerica Interiors made me realize I should just embrace it all! Now my future is very bright! ”
   FRED H.
   LED Salesman
   “When I first moved to the suburbs I thought I would never see my friends again. But thanks to Richerica I have the most amazing poker room! now my friends come and visit me!”
   RYAN C.
   WSOP Future Champion
   “I am generally a very indecisive person. Richerica Interiors helped me find the perfect couch for my recreational pursuits. I never thought I could enjoy being tied down to a single couch this much!”
   Mike B
   Crumb Enthusiast
   With the amount of time my girlfriend takes to get ready, I needed a comfortable lounge to kick back and pass the hours. Thanks to Richerica Interiors all I have to worry about is my ice cream melting!
   Matt H
   Bald Man
   “Before Richerica Industries, I would mostly obtain furniture via a combination of credit card points and factory seconds. Richerica inspired me to go after higher aesthtics: I'm now a proud collector of slanted furniture ”
   Dickie D