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[12:55] < TEDBOWMAN > Dickie: i was thinking more like the black ones

[12:55] < Fred> theyd get eaten by bears

[12:55] < Robert> racist

[11:30] < Fred> yea airing my homophobia

12:07:43 <Fred> i cant wait to go all canned air on my computer's ass tonight

16:53:11 <Fred> i bet i hiave the nicest thighs in IRC

"[16:12] wigglesworth (Fred)"

From the newspaper: "Somerville resident Fred caught eating pasta out of Olive Garden dumpster. He horked up several lbs of pasta into the back of the cruiser on the way to jail."

From the Newscenter 5 special report: "And now police say they are seeking damages from Fred Howland, to the tune of a new police cruiser. And Fred? Well he says, eating the dumpster pasta has given him lockjaw. For news center 5, I'm Danielle Wamellons."