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The WTPA Cookbook: You're Doing It Wrong.

Chapter 1: The Upside Down Cake Is Fundamentally Flawed

Many years ago some one fucked up their cake and were like no it's cool it is supposed to look like that. I think it was a Hawaiian. This was the birth of a culture which takes pride in a half assed wrong result. Let's cut the shit and make our cakes right side up. Let's make America great again.

Chapter 2: Locally Sourced Ingredients

Unless you live in a dangerously rural area of Idaho, you don't want your potatos locally sourced. Because they would suck. I don't want to eat anything that came out of the dirt anywhere close to where I live. Because there's cars and drones where I live. I know the guy with the man bun and his life partner grew the radishes in a window box hanging from their co-op apartment's window but it's the same window box their teenage neighbor ditched their handgun in last night while running from the cops (exercising his right to not be arrested). When I buy produce I check the label to make sure it came from a state that has less than 3 members in the electoral college.