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12:13:15 <tedbowman> hypotetically: do you still owe a debt to someone if they are dead?
12:13:15 <FredBot> tedbowman: BACKLOG

09:20:30 <tedbowman> Fred: how is operation outlandish rape plot going?
09:20:30 <FredBot> tedbowman: BACKLOG

09:21:01 <tedbowman> hey FredBot where can i find examples of dickie being an asshole to people?
09:21:01 <FredBot> tedbowman: BACKLOG
09:21:07 <tedbowman> oh ok thanks i'll check that

12:14:27 <Fred> apparently after a vasectomy you have to jizz 25-30 times before all the sperms are out of your system
12:14:29 <Fred> who knew?
12:14:29 <FredBot> Fred: BACKLOG

09:09:12 < lauren > WTPA CONTEST is a fun thing to say to fredbot too
09:09:36 < lauren > WTPA CONTEST who could do anything involving that i hang out this weekend?
09:09:37 < FredBot > lauren: BACKLOG