2015 WTPA Santa

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This December, we'll be having a 2015 WTPA Santa. A bot in #wtpa will randomly match people who opt-in with others to be their WTPA Santa.


Because tduds is insecure about gifts and we need to make him feel better and do something that puts positive energy out into the world and other hippie bullshit. Also whoever has Lauren, buy her an underbust corset.


Matching will be done December 1st. Gift exchange will be done at the end of December, possibly while high at a townie party.


  • Opt-in in #wtpa.
  • On December 1st, the bot will PM you your match. Matches will not be 1:1, i.e.; you are each others matches, due to our complex matching algorithm.
  • Tell no one! ... Who your match is. You all know each other well enough to stalk the shit out of someone and get them a cool gift. If you feel it is necessary to deliver a perfect gift experience, you can choose to ask for the advice of another in #wtpa.
  • Get a gift for your match that is ~50 USD.
  • Deposit your gift into the gift sarcophagus. Once they are all deposited, matches will open their gifts.
  • You may choose to remain anonymous and not disclose which gift you got for whom.

How Much?

A gift of about 50 USD is recommended. Spend more or less depending on what you think will be the ideal gift.


A bug in the bot code resulted in everyone being matched with Lauren. When this was discovered during the exchange, a fight broke out over who had gotten her the best corset. This tragically ended in the deaths of all participants. Their loved ones are comforted by the knowledge that tduds' did in fact feel positive energy and joy during his last Christmas, if only for a short time.